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      Company Profile
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      About Us

      Company Profile

      Changzhou golden eagle pharmaceutical packaging Co., Ltd. is located in the city of Changzhou Zhenglu Industrial Zone, Located in the Yangtze River Delta Economic Development Zone, the geographical position is superior. The industrial area is located between Jiangyin and Changzhou, factory and Shanghai Nanjing Expressway, Beijing Shanghai Expressway, Jiangyin bridge entrance was very close, through Jiangsu from north to south, a radiation national transportation network, transportation is very convenient.

      The company was founded in 2006, covers an area of 10000 square meters, construction area of 7000 square meters, has one hundred thousand purification workshop 4000 square meters, and 200 square meters laboratory. In order to improve the product development and testing system,equipped with a gas chromatograph, water vapor permeance tester, oxygen permeance tester, electronic tensile tester,friction coefficient tester, bacterial culture box, mald incubatro, a full set of testing equipment. The workshop is the introduction of the twenty-first Century domestic advanced production equipment, including high-speed colour gravure printing machine, high speed laminating machine, full automatic computer inspection machine, high speed cutting, bag making machine, the PTP aluminium foil coating machine, cold, hot aluminum composite, coating machine four production lines. Development, engaged in plastic packaging materials processing, sales, packaging, printing and printing business. The main products are composite film, bags, aluminum foil, aluminum, PTP cold forming tropical aluminum, easy tear, easy opening composite film, bags, aluminum foil, aluminum, PTP cold forming tropical aluminum, easy tear, easy opening composite film with two or more layers of drug packaging.

      Companies in strict accordance with the GMP specifications and ISO requirements related to the establishment of environmental manage-ment system perfect quality,through the ISO9001, ISO14001 certification system. The existing staff of a total of 100 people, including all types of inspection, technical personnel 30 people, employees are trained and qualified work. Relying on the power of existing technology, perfect quality control, dedicated staff and the quality of service, has a number of domestic and international well-known pharmaceutical enterprises to establish a stable strategic parthnership.

      Faced with challenges and opportunities in twenty-first Century, Changzhou Golden Eagle actively grasp the national packaging materials development opportunity, to condense the talented person, to create first-class team and brand for business purposes, to one of the first phalanx of flexible packaging industry in China as the goal, to build the company into high quality, continuous development of international busi-ness and work hard.

      Wish to create a glorious future with you hand in hand!

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      Contact Information

      Add:No.110 Dongbaiyang,Shijiaxiang,Zhenglu Town,Tianning District,Changzhou City,Jiangsu Province  Tel:+860519-88739613 +86051988990280
      Fax:+860519-88739612 Contacts:Manager Yang +8613032511144
      E-mail:jy@czjybz.com  http://www.whbygk.com

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